Though there are depictions of conventional chiropractic ‘adjustments’ dating back over 4,000 years ago, the origins of modern Chiropractic are much clearer.   Originally discovered on accident on September 18th, 1895 while playing cards, Daniel David Palmer (a.k.a. D.D. Palmer), restored the hearing to a gentleman named Harvey Lillard.

Almost 2 months later, on November 8th in 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the X-Ray, when he exposed his hand to an electron beam.  Ironically, both incidents were accidental, both were in 1895 and both stemmed around the discoverer’ hand.

The term Chiropractic  literally means the “application of hands” (also kind of coincidental that both Chiropractic and X-Rays began with someone’s hand).  Today, Conventional Chiropractic care is generally applied by hand.  Sometimes, the Chiroprator will use a hand held tool (such as an Activator (tm) or Integrator (tm)) to give an ‘adjustment’ to the spine, joint or surrounding tissues-depending on technique the Chiropractor is using.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of techniques which can be used to give an adjustment.  Some use a lower force (like Activator), while some use a higher force (like Kraine Technique) to give the adjustment.  Myself, I tend to use an amalgam of Diversified and some Gonstead, with lower force & sustained force techniques (Soft Tissue Release, PNF, Activator and Muscle Release Technique) to guide the spine or joint into position.

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