What is Chiropractic care and how can it help me?

- Chiropractic is the use of a Chiropractor‘s hand or tool to improve nerve function.  Because the main part of the Nervous System is encapsulated within a bony shell (your skull and spine), your Chiropractor will usually check your spine for misalignments.  Having routine adjustments helps maintain the body’s normal functions.


Will a Chiropractic adjustment hurt me?

- If your body has been out of alignment for a long time, when you start to put things in the proper place, the body may not like this.  This is because your body has adjusted to this misalignment and now feels the misalignment is now “normal”.  Much like when you knocked it out of position, it probably hurt, the area was sore or it didn’t feel good.  Not that you will re-live every pain, but your muscles, joints and ligaments have to become accustomed to the new alignment…which will take time.


How often will I have to come?

- This ultimately depends on you and your condition.  Generally speaking, if you are a new patient with an old condition, it is normal to have you come in 3 times a week.  THE REASONING for this is due to many factors.  Your Chiropractor wants you to get better faster, so you can live a more productive life.  Most Chiropractors I know live in the communities they serve and the last thing any of us want is any ill feelings toward one another.


My Medical Doctor told me I should never go to a Chiropractor.

- I love this statement, because when I hear this, the patient is already getting a second opinion.  It has been my experience there are absolutely NO absolutes.  No one person can fix everything, but when people put their minds together nothing is impossible.  To say you should never get an opinion from an entire segment of a profession only shows that they don’t know or have taken the time to explore other options.  Is this who you want helping YOU when YOU have a problem?


I ‘pop’ my own neck.  I don’t need to go to a Chiropractor  (!!PLEASE READ!!)

- This is one of the scariest things I hear from people!  If your car started making a noise and the check engine light came on, would you take it to an accountant?  No…you  don’t!  You take your broken car to a mechanic.

There is a difference between relief and correction.  You may get temporary relief from making your neck ‘pop’, but if you are correcting the problem, you certainly wouldn’t have to self-manipulate several times a day.  When you do this, you are only getting increased mobility in certain joints; however, joints which are stuck…remain stuck.  Some ligaments that hold your spine together become stretched out, while the ones causing the problem stay a problem.  In essence, you are only stretching certain tissues, but the problematic ones stay as they were.  So, after a little while the stretched tissues slowly return to their ’normal’ length and the pain or problem comes back again.

Quite frankly, you shouldn’t force your neck or back to do this at all!  As a Chiropractor, we use our hands or a tool to direct a short thrust into the stuck parts to return a more normal motion to them.  When we do it, your muscles are more relaxed.  We put a well thought out adjustment into the joint with a specific direction AND magnitude.  If you do it yourself, research tells us you are contracting the muscle fibers in the area of involvement and essentially locking it in place.  When you twist or thrust, you will tear the muscles and create scar tissue.  On top of that, your vertebrae have between 6 and 12 joints on them-each.  These joints move in at least 6 different directions-per joint.  It has been shown to be completely impossible for someone to self evaluate and not only determine which joint on which vertebrae isn’t moving…and in what direction; but to also deliver a specific short impulse into that joint.

Just realize, if you are self-manipulating, you are running the risk of permanent injury, which may be debilitating or worse.  It will take a lot (a LOT) longer to repair because of the care needed if there is any self-inflicted damage to your spine.

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